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'Quest' missions from NPCs are displayed identically to those from terminals on the Mission listing

Quests are set missions you get from specific NPCs, rather than a mission terminal, and are displayed identically on the Missions Panel. The required time for completion is often much longer, though.

Some of these tasks are the only way to get unique Armor or Weapons or other items in Anarchy Online. Others are needed to gain access to different places or as a help in the Shadowlands. There are also missions that are just there to make a small change in the normal daily run.

Classic Missions

Most of these are from the early beginning of Anarchy Online; some are still required today and worth doing for some professions.

Rubi-Ka quest overview

Daily Missions

These are quests that are available once every 18 hours for all Rubi-Ka players of all levels.

List of Daily Missions

Shadowlands Missions

With the Add-on Shadowlands many new missions where introduced. Most of them are to gain access and allow faster traveling between the new gardens. Others are needed to gain playfield access. With the latest patches there are also a lot of small missions that allow players to find out more about the Storyline and Anarchy Online history, and to give players a break from killing Hecklers.

Shadowlands quest overview

Alien Invasion Missions

The last Add-On Alien Invasion brought some new quests.
Storytelling quests, as well as requisite quests for Alien and Social Armor and the Alien Invasion Expertise 3 Perk

Alien Invasion quest overview

Lost Eden Missions

Both Omni and Clan contacts have planned offensives against Enemy Camps, and you are their operative of choice.

Legacy of the Xan Missions

Strategic and tactical maneuvers against the Kyr'ozch aliens.

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